May Death Never Stop You

I blog what i feel and i feel what i blog. oh boy do i feel what i blog.

I still wonder what happened to the rest of the world in The Hunger Games

  • Do they still have meetings and stuff?
  • France: Anyone heard from America lately?
  • Mexico: Same old, same old. They're still sending out children to fight to the death in a reality show.
  • UK: Shouldn't we do something about that?
  • China: Just leave them, at least they're not annoying us.


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dick had me like


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take me to a museum. kiss me on the steps. shove the Mona Lisa up my ass

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imagine a horror movie where you’re trapped in your house with a serial killer but all your lights are clappers

so you’re running for your life from this psychopath while both of you are just aggressively clapping the lights on and off

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2 years ago on canada day i was so drunk that i fell over on the street and started crawling and a cop pulled over and asked me if i was ok and i yelled YES and he just said “alright good” and drove off which is proof that canadian cops are absolutely useless

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